New Total Triage System Using Accurx

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We are pleased to announce that From Monday 10th June 2024, we will operate a New Total Triage system using Accurx .

How to request an appointment from 10th June 2024

Please complete a simple online form on our website.

Book an online consultation

An experienced GP will review this, and, in some cases, they may ask for more information. They will then either offer you an appointment within an appropriate timeframe or signpost information. We understand that a small number of people will not be able to complete these forms. If this is the case, one of our reception team can complete the form for you. Phoning the practice or attending the reception in person will not give you priority for an appointment, so please use the online form if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will action your request the same day, preventing any lengthy waiting times on the phone or repeated attempts to access the appointments. The GP will triage all the requests and support those most in need of same-day care as a priority. The system will provide you with a same-day service but not necessarily a same-day appointment.
Yes, the form can be completed by someone else, such as a family member or carer. We will respond to the patient only unless they have given us explicit consent to contact someone else.
Signposting is when we give you information about how to access other support instead of an appointment with us. Many services offer a self-referral system so you can access them directly. Examples are the Minor Injury unit, emergency department, drug & alcohol service, sexual health clinic, local support groups and charities, social care, community pharmacy, the Acute Urgent Eye Service, etc. This also includes links to online resources to support self-care when appropriate
The 2023/34 GP Contract states “Patients should be offered an assessment of need, or signposted to an appropriate service, at first contact with the practice.” We have a limited number of appointments that can be safely delivered by a limited number of doctors each day.

The number of requests for appointments is higher than the actual number we have available. This is the case for GP Practices across the country. The only way to ensure that the people with the greatest need are given these appointments is for a GP to screen (or triage) each request.

This link gives information about some of the reasons for the increasing pressure on General Practice:
We are aware that the way you book appointments currently is not perfect. We have tried many systems over the years, but we feel confident that this will be a positive move. Please bear with us as staff and patients get used to the new system.

Thank you.